The Mainnet launch

It’s been around 5 days since we have launched Unipilot.

Few stats

No. of active pools: 20
TVL: $6M+ (LP + Farming)

TVL is the most important metric for Unipilot. The higher the TVL, the more value will be accrued to the Index Fund, raising the floor price of the $PILOT token.

Unipilot is launching on Ethereum Mainnet today, and we want to help liquidity providers deposit their liquidity with ease. For that purpose, we have prepared a tutorial for you.

Adding liquidity

There are two approaches to deposit your liquidity in the Unipilot protocol:

1. Through Unipilot

The first method is useful if you already have…

With the launch of Unipilot, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to our community and show our appreciation for all the support we have received by launching the Unipilot Gas Subsidy Program.

Ethereum network gas fees remain stubbornly high, so as a helping hand we will be refunding 50%

Unipilot joins hands with AMP

With the Unipilot mainnet launch just on the horizon, we are excited to announce a partnership with AMP, a universal collateral token designed to facilitate fast and efficient transfers for any real-world application.

AMP is the first protocol to partner with Unipilot for active liquidity management, the AMP/USDC pair is…

Round 3: Mission End Game

  • Starts Thursday, October 29th at 4pm UTC
  • The total rewards in $PILOT allocated to this round are $2,000


  1. Test the dapp including the user experience and interface
  2. Test the protocol by adding liquidity with ETH
  3. Test the protocol by adding liquidity with Alt tokens
  4. Test the captain bot by managing…


We have said this many times and here it goes again, at Unipilot we believe in “Community first” approach.
Lately, there has been a lot of debate going on in the community about burning most of the $PILOT supply. …


Universal liquidity optimization, The most efficient way to manage your liquidity.

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