Pilot | Gas Subsidy Program

With the launch of Unipilot, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to our community and show our appreciation for all the support we have received by launching the Unipilot Gas Subsidy Program.

Ethereum network gas fees remain stubbornly high, so as a helping hand we will be refunding 50% of the Ethereum gas fees required to deposit or migrate liquidity into Unipilot Vaults. We believe this decision will also boost the adoption of the Unipilot protocol.

The program is initially set to run for one month. Sit back and relax as the subsidies will be airdropped to eligible wallets after 18th December, paid in $PILOT tokens.

The small print: Only fees for depositing/migration are eligible for this program. A maximum of $150 can be claimed per deposit, with a maximum of 3 claims per user. The subsidy amount will be based on the cost of the Ethereum network gas fee at the time of the transaction.
* First 200 users are eligible for this program.

Next Steps:

Here are some quick links to get updated with the happenings in Pilot Protocol.




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Get The Most From Your Liquidity

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