$PILOT Token - Fair Distribution and Launch


We all have been victims of highly exclusive token sales in which a lot of private institutional investors access the tokens at a discount rate, which is often later dumped on the regular investors.
With that in mind, we went against raising any funds through sale, a stealth token launch is going to take place tomorrow on Uniswap, in order to reward early adopters.

The purpose of the stealth token launch is to:

  1. Give a chance to community members to access the tokens early.
  2. Launch liquidity mining for the Pilot protocol, this way we will have a good amount of liquidity giving a low slippage rate.
  3. Decentralize the decision-making power and start voting on key decisions.
  4. Built momentum for our testnet launch next week.

The official Unipilot Twitter account will tweet the token contract address, in addition so will the Telegram annoucement channel.

Why do you need $PILOT?

$PILOT, the native token for the Pilot Protocol, is used as a utility token within the protocol.

  1. It is used to capture fees generated within the protocol which is then sent to the index fund, which backs the $PILOT token.
  2. Captains are paid in $PILOT tokens for helping in optimizing the vaults in a decentralized way.
  3. Used for decentralized governance and voting on key aspects.

For a detailed explanation on the utility and why you should hold $PILOT tokens. Read here.

For more info about the Pilot Protocol
Read our pitchedeck.

$PILOT Token Distribution

Currently, there are 0 tokens in circulation, the only tokens that will be available tomorrow will be 600,000 $PILOT tokens used for providing liquidity at Uniswap. This way there is no way for the price to go lower than the listing price.

The listing price on Uniswap for $PILOT token will be $0.7

Uniswap Liquidity:

Around $450,000 of liquidity will be provided to Uniswap, the initial funds for providing liquidity are graciously provided by VoirStudio.
The liquidity tokens will be initially held by Pilot Foundation Multisig.
Later they will be locked in a contract, which won’t be redeemable and all the fees will be directed towards the Pilot Index fund in a decentralized manner.


The Pilot Foundation funds are held in a multisig and unlocked linearly over the course of 24 months, it can be only used by having a community vote.
This will be also used for strategic partnerships (Zapper.fi, Zerion, etc.) and any other initiatives that may arise.


This will be held in multisig, and unlocked linearly over the course of 24 months, and used for increasing adoption by running liquidity mining, airdrop, competitions, community engagement reward, etc.


This will be held in multisig, and unlocked linearly over the course of 24 months with token releasing each month to support the development and operations of the protocol.
We envision Unipilot as a universal automated liquidity optimization protocol, with this in mind we will keep supporting all the AMM that may release concentrated liquidity.
We are launching Unipilot on Optimism shortly after our main-net launch.


This will be held in multisig, and unlocked linearly over the course of 24 months with token releasing each month to support the marketing aspect of the protocol.


This will be held in multisig, and unlocked linearly over the course of 27 months.
The first three months are completely locked, which means the team is not getting any tokens in the start to built trust with the community.

For a detailed overview of what are the different Multisig Addresses and who are the cosigners.
Read here

What to expect in the coming days?

  1. Unipilot launch on testnet with an exciting competition in which we will distribute $PILOT tokens to the winners, this will help us battle test our Protocol.
  2. Pilot liquidity mining program launch with an APY of up to 480%.
  3. Community engagement rewards in which the community will earn tokens based on their contribution and engagement.
  4. Unipilot launch on mainnet with a focus on heavy marketing.

Next Steps:

Here are some quick links to get updated with the happenings in Pilot Protocol.




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