Pilot v2 | $20,000 Competition | Round 1

At Unipilot, the security of your funds is of utmost importance. Ahead of the launch of Unipilot v2, we are running a number of Testnet Competitions to complement the audit by BlockApex. Participate to help us further enhance security, and earn $PILOT tokens in the process.

How to take part

What to look out for?

Try to interact with the dApp as much as possible with the intent of finding any errors or anomalies.


$3,750 of $PILOT is allocated as reward to this round.

Note: If any of the 25 positions above are not all filled, those rewards will be distributed to participants based on their amount of activity during the competition.

Walkthrough Tutorial (if required):

Use this Google Doc guide

Whitelisted Tokens:

Here are the tokens which are eligible for rewards in the competition

USDT:  0x82E83D0c751B95f8Ea96982f5105f38d57285A36
USDC: 0x2e180790D1137aF890bDD29E1c67a40c3F8D7564
WBTC: 0xb6f75Dd3f83c573e7e867b0adb54f12a5C012c04
WETH: 0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab
DAI: 0xBb0Beca58f640f248E3Ec23BAcB77eD604333909
UNI: 0xa8861a1c43DA5A02f60d12c9Bb13E51d4EC61146
PILOT: 0xdB3C70be87586Cf814DAeC0E534813529a6Ea1d4

Whitelisted Pools:

Here are the pools which are eligible for rewards in the competition

UNI/ETH    0.3%  0x0b2aaa72f696ed6b89dcf888b4a15c7320b6934a  Passive
DAI/ETH 0.3% 0x95a2bf861422bd1e9d9206264613a2f8bed9f58d Active
ETH/USDC 0.3% 0xf2d25695f277f860aa149e1e4e3d8246d6dc215b Active
WBTC/ETH 0.3% 0xebc44278acfca37c36dd2d5a4b2202b0c39a1f39 Active
USDC/USDT 1% 0x7fc2eddb03e97c7495132661f9a4a92f931189b1 Passive
UNI/USDT 0.3% 0x68249df95ee9349450fcfbaa72264d98f27bc567 Passive
USDT/WBTC 0.3% 0xa9ac8bca9f2823154a8bd2a3ec29b247206d6b91 Passive
DAI/USDT 0.3% 0x8d8c3c154c2cb7a4137b0c35a45d126e580adb84 Passive
PILOT/ETH 0.3% 0x82d30c44c6372c4e5b30fb15134e08db69ab11fe Active


The leaderboard app for round 1 will be live in a few days at https://leaderboard.unipilot.io/

What’s new with Unipilot v2?

If you’ve been following our regular updates, you’ll know that v2 brings:

The team is also finalizing research into additional features.



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