The $1000 Proposal

The $1,000 Proposal:

This is the second step for our direction towards community-led growth,
This initiative enables our community to engage, contribute, and provide feedback to earn rewards.

How to Get Started?

  • The hashtag
    Follow all our socials and keep looking for any time we use the #$1,000 Proposal hashtag
  • Provide quality feedback
    Once you see a post with a hashtag, you can leave quality feedback on the dedicated discord channel within the time frame to earn credits.
    Additionally, you can also start a new proposal on the proposals channel under governance in discord which if gain enough traction and interest from the community will be promoted to “Official Post” which earns you additional $PILOT tokens.
  • Get $PILOT tokens
    The tokens that you earn are airdropped to your wallet.

Next Steps:

Here are some quick links to get updated with the happenings in Pilot Protocol.




Get The Most From Your Liquidity

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Get The Most From Your Liquidity

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