Unipilot | A Week of Mainnet

The Mainnet launch

It’s been around 5 days since we have launched Unipilot.

Few stats

No. of active pools: 20
TVL: $6M+ (LP + Farming)

TVL is the most important metric for Unipilot. The higher the TVL, the more value will be accrued to the Index Fund, raising the floor price of the $PILOT token.

For more info on the Index Fund, see this article.

As with most protocol launches, there remains room for improvements on the Unipilot platform.
Let’s talk about them.

What is the team working on now?

LP Strategy

With the launch, our plan was to monitor the LP range strategy for a few days after mainnet to see where it can be improved. Yesterday, we deployed a new strategy that improves efficiency by up to 50% than before.
What this means? 50% more fees for users.

APY and Fees

Right now, the protocol is not displaying fees or APY. This is because we need a few days worth of data before it can be displayed. This will be added and will automatically update soon.

Gas fee optimization

Upon launch, TVL initially rose rapidly but then growth slowed.

We dug deeper and found that Ethereum gas fees are making it unusable for many users. If we want Unipilot to have mass adoption, we need to remove as many barriers to entry as possible.

So it was time to call a team meeting. We all sat down and analyzed the protocol piece by piece to find where we can make optimizations to reduce gas fees. We are confident that we can reduce gas fees significantly via modifications to the architecture.

We believe this will enable us to grow much faster and achieve higher TVL more quickly.

Wen Marketing?

While our initial plan was to accelerate marketing after mainnet, it is evident that we need to make the protocol more affordable for the average user. We have already started working towards the gas optimizations and the effect will become apparent within a few weeks.


If you don’t know already, we are working on introducing $PILOT staking.

The main idea is to introduce gamification and allow token holders to perform specific tasks to boost their yield while contributing to the growth of the protocol. Staking will discourage token holders from selling while also giving them an incentive to earn more yield.

Read more about it on discord under 1000-proposal-2

An LP calculator

Input your investment for a specific pair and see how much efficient Unipilot makes your Liquidity.

Unipilot vs Uniswap earnings

We will show LPs how much they have earned via Unipilot and how this compares to what they would have earned via Uniswap, so you can easily see the Unipilot premium.

What does the future hold?

We are extremely excited about the future of Unipilot, the possibilities are endless. But let’s reiterate a few which are really close.

Layer 2 deployment:

Since both Arbitrum and Optimism are EVM-based, we can deploy to these L2 networks without significant development, once we have moved to the gas-efficient architecture.

Sushi trident:

Sushi Trident is around the corner, bringing concentrated liquidity to Sushi.

We believe supporting different chains and dexes will open up a whole new avenue of growth for Unipilot.

Uniswap v3 Liquidity Locking:

When we were building Unipilot we realized no solution currently exists for projects on Uniswap v3 to lock their liquidity. Such a feature will enable projects to not only lock liquidity but also redirect their fees in a permissionless manner, think unicrypt built into Unipilot!

We haven't even began to mention about interest free loans and Pilot launch pad. More on that later!

Last words

Regarding token allocation, we would like to highlight that the team has not touched any of the tokens from the team allocation, and we don’t plan to any time soon. We believe in what we’re building. Rome wasn’t built in one day, great things take time to build. We’re committed to making this a top DeFi protocol.

The whole team is heads down working, and thanks to the community for understanding our vision.

We are incredibly grateful for all the support. We’re here to change DeFi and we sometimes need your help along the way.




Get The Most From Your Liquidity

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