Unipilot June 2023 recap

2 min readJun 30


Let’s take a look at the progress we made during the last month

Expanded to Polygon zkEVM

After deploying on QuickSwap V3 (Polygon) in late May, we quickly expanded to two more chains on the DEX.

On 1 June we launched on Polygon zkEVM, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that leverages the scaling power of zero-knowledge proofs while maintaining Ethereum compatibility.

Check out the current top vaults by APR on this network.

Visit the dApp at quickswap.unipilot.io

Launched on Dogechain

Then on 6 June we expanded to Dogechain. We had an AMA with Dogechain, and then we launched farming on the chain, which has created some juicy APR 👀

Compound Fees option

Later in the month we added a new feature to the dApp which allows users to compound fees at their discretion. Find out more here.

Key Stats

  • Unipilot TVL including staking is $2.96m.
Source: DefiLlama
  • Unipilot revenue in the month totaled $3,802. As always, 40% of this revenue is shared with PILOT stakers. You can stake your PILOT here.

What’s coming next?

Our 3Q roadmap includes:

  • Expanding to more DEXs
  • Launching on additional chains
  • A new and improved dApp UI
  • Marketing schemes
  • Building partnerships

Quick Links

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