Unipilot | Meet The Crew

In this series we will introduce the team behind Unipilot.

Today, we talked to Bilal, our Web3 Lead.

How did you join Unipilot?

Before Unipilot, I was part of the Web3 team at Xord, where I mostly worked on the development and integration of dApps for DeFi projects. When the team came up with the idea of Unipilot, I loved the concept and wanted to get involved.

What is your role at Unipilot?

Currently I’m Web3 Lead, which involves all kinds of development required at Unipilot outside of smart contracts. Usually I oversee Web3 development and do hands-on work on Unipilot dApp integration.

What do you like about working at Unipilot?

The concept of managing concentrated liquidity and the challenges involved with finding ways to maximize returns for users.

When did you first get into blockchain?

As a Software Engineering student, I gained some basic knowledge of blockchain at university, but joining Xord really opened the gate into the crypto world for me.

The first crypto “investment” of mine was when I received the airdrop from The Graph protocol, as they distributed their native GRT tokens to all their initial subgraph developers.

What’s your favorite project in crypto other than Unipilot?

No doubt Uniswap due to their creativity and innovation.

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your favorite food(s), movie(s) and any other hobbies you have?

I’m a Software Engineer graduate from UBIT. I’m passionate about coding and development and spend most of my time doing this. Outside of this, I like to explore history, for example learning about great past empires. And the food I love to eat is biryani. I don’t usually watch movies, instead I prefer to watch Netflix series such as Money Heist and Breaking Bad.

Stay tuned for more from our ‘Meet The Crew’ series.





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