Unipilot | Meet The Crew

In this series we will introduce the team behind Unipilot.

In this addition, we chatted with Asim, Blockchain Engineer.

Why did you join Unipilot?

I actually started my journey in the Defi world with Unipilot. I had already been inspired by Uniswap, which started the DEX movement, and Unipilot is adding value on top of Uniswap. This is important for me, i want to work for a project that adds real value to the DeFi space! So I decided to join and help Unipilot on its journey.

What is your role at Unipilot?

Currently I am working as a Blockchain engineer. Planning, contributing, building and delivering with the team. We are constantly working on new innovatative features for the protocol, we are never standing still. As you heard from Taha in our recent AMA with Income Sharks, we have some groundbreaking features on the horizon.

What do you like about working at Unipilot?

It is important for me that I feel I am adding real value to the DeFi space. Liquidity optimization protocols are in my opinion essential and have already proven their value.

When did you first get into crypto?

Someone mentioned Blockchain to me, so I started doing some research in the area since 2019, and also joined an institute for deep dive learning of Web3 technology.

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your favorite food(s), movie(s) and any other hobbies you have?

I am a Software Engineer by education, and passionate about research and development. I have a variety of interests in the DeFi space but also backend development, cloud computing and AI.

I love to watch Flash season, which is fitting as I like to do my development at flash speed but also with high quality ;) My favorite food is Biryani.

What’s your favorite project in crypto other than Unipilot?

I know others have already said this but I like Uniswap. I also think that Defi protocols have no power until they have long lasting liquidity, so I also like protocol-owned liquidity options such as Olympus DAO.





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