Unipilot | Meet The Crew

In this series we will introduce the team behind Unipilot.

In the last edition we learned about Taha Haq, co-founder of Unipilot. So its only fitting that in this edition we talk to Asad Naeem, the other co-founder!

How did you join Unipilot?

We have always been inspired by the DEX movement started by Uniswap and couldn’t wait to see what innovations they would bring with their next protocol version. When Uniswap published the V3 code, we immediately saw the need for automated Concentrated Liquidity Managers (CLMs), and so decided that we should start utilizing our skillset to increase DeFi awareness and adoption.

What is your role at Unipilot?

In the early days, I contributed my time to development, marketing and whatnot. Now I am like an advisor, overseeing direction.

What do you like about working at Unipilot?

Everything, especially working with my team which is full of curiosity & ambition. It is a fantastic feeling working in the DeFi sector and the opportunities and impact you can create as an individual or with a small team.

When did you first get into crypto?

I have been studying & developing Web3 & DeFi Dapps since 2019, but the first token I invested in was XIO from a startup called Blockzero Labs (a project that we worked on) back in mid-2020.

Tell us a little about yourself. What are your favorite food(s), favorite movie(s), and any other hobbies you have?

I am a Software Engineer by education and have a wide variety of interests from DeFi, Cloud Computing, Graphics Designing to carpentry. I love to watch Interstellar on repeat and love eating good old chicken sandwiches.

What’s your favorite project in crypto other than Unipilot?

They keep changing, but Ethereum & Uniswap are a constant.

Stay tuned for more from our ‘Meet The Crew’ series.





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