Unipilot v2 | Testnet Competition | Round 2

As you know, at Unipilot the security of your funds is of utmost importance. Ahead of the launch of Unipilot v2, we are running a number of Testnet Competitions to complement the audit by BlockApex. Participate to help us further enhance security, and earn $PILOT tokens in the process.

Getting started


Repeat these steps as much as possible while keeping an eye out for any UI/UX bugs, issues or glitches.


$4,500 of $PILOT tokens are allocated to this round.

Note: If any of the 30 positions above are not all filled, those rewards will be distributed to participants based on their amount of activity during the competition.

The leaderboard for Round 2 will be populated in a few days: https://leaderboard.unipilot.io/

Smart contract bug bounty

Whitelisted tokens

USDT: 0x82E83D0c751B95f8Ea96982f5105f38d57285A36
USDC: 0x2e180790D1137aF890bDD29E1c67a40c3F8D7564
WBTC: 0xb6f75Dd3f83c573e7e867b0adb54f12a5C012c04
WETH: 0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab
DAI: 0xBb0Beca58f640f248E3Ec23BAcB77eD604333909
UNI: 0xa8861a1c43DA5A02f60d12c9Bb13E51d4EC61146
PILOT: 0xdB3C70be87586Cf814DAeC0E534813529a6Ea1d4

Whitelisted pools

Passive pools

UNI/ETH 0.3% 0x996cbf586d366d78b4b8998b74ca2c9ebceff5f9
0.3% 0x54d8740e0f43d15facbabf26da38ed7cc8653348
0.3% 0x8b428d0e863d978a99c1b5a6dac956a4aa1fc43d
1% 0x51340972bbe560ec4bc6359940137c5e9a87b057
0.3% 0x68249df95ee9349450fcfbaa72264d98f27bc567
0.3% 0xa9ac8bca9f2823154a8bd2a3ec29b247206d6b91
0.3% 0x8d8c3c154c2cb7a4137b0c35a45d126e580adb84

Active pools

PILOT/DAI 0.3% 0xaeca6d9d06f3f2aa285455ea4defd21c9d6cfaed
0.05% 0x4a45ffb564d9ebdee88e6c99768f46c7a86c6f61 DAI/ETH 0.3% 0x4fdc4fecdd6a77fb28b727583817e2c05d0de10a
0.3% 0x56e0eeca868b2aa00162cc80a18929212996332b
0.3% 0x7d019a287e69de852739c8fe8070d75c9dc06ec4

What’s new with Unipilot v2?



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