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Unipilot joins hands with YDragon.

We are excited to announce a partnership with YDragon, which is a crypto index platform with cross-chain capabilities and yield-generation opportunities.
With their cross-chain index funds, it is a real possibility that $PILOT could be a part of that, allowing greater exposure to the $PILOT…

Every project goes through different stages of evolution.
When we started working on Unipilot it was just a mere idea, which has since evolved into a team of tens of people with a community of thousands and growing. …

The $1,000 Proposal:

This is the second step for our direction towards community-led growth,
This initiative enables our community to engage, contribute, and provide feedback to earn rewards.

How to Get Started?

  • The hashtag
    Follow all our socials and keep looking for any time we use the #$1,000 Proposal hashtag
  • Provide quality feedback

Round 1: Mission Genesis

  • Starts Monday, September 13 at 3 PM UTC and ends October 3rd at 3 PM UTC
  • Overall $10,000 will be distributed during the whole testnet competition.


  1. Test the dapp including the user interface and experience.
  2. Test the protocol by adding liquidity in any ETH/Token pair.
  3. Test the protocol by adding…

We hosted our community call on August 25 to get feedback on testnet and also give out updates to the community.

Recap Community Call

Testnet feedback

While we received tons of feedback on the dapp, most of the feedback was repeated. …

We had a successful token fair launch last week, with volume crossing over $2M in just a few mins, while writing this article we have around $1.1M in our Uniswap liquidity pool.

This couldn’t be possible without the help of our community which we are ever grateful for.

List of Vesting Contracts

Here are…


Starting from July 20, 2021, right after the $PILOT token launch.
A liquidity mining program will auto-start to increase the liquidity of the project on Uniswap.
To be a part of this liquidity mining program just provide liquidity to ($PILOT/$ETH) pair on Uniswap v3 and hold Liquidity token. …


We all have been victims of highly exclusive token sales in which a lot of private institutional investors access the tokens at a discount rate, which is often later dumped on the regular investors. …

In our bid to be transparent with the community we are making our multisig addresses public. Additionally, we are also releasing the cosigner's information and their public profile.
Later more cosigners will be added to the multisig from the community.

List of Multisig Wallets

Here are the multisig wallets and what they are used for:


  • 0xAfA13aa8F1b1d89454369c28b0CE1811961A7907
  • Tokens to be governed by $PILOT token holders.


  • 0x4f6F49194E75C347a41E020d31d39C2F9A24B6E1
  • Used for liquidity and adoption.


  • 0x3b5DdF126F1cf58cf6597e86d13428C3A25044D3
  • Used for marketing and awareness purpose.


  • 0xd94121f2e06b80BDf098f9975c236384C222f495
  • Used for development and operation purpose.


Taha haq: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/taha-haq/)

Asad Naeem: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/asadnaeem01/)

Abdul Sami: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sami-khawaja/)

Shakeib Shaida: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/shakeib98/)

Currently, two votes are needed to proceed with a transaction.
This threshold will change as more cosigners are added.

Next Steps:

Here are some quick links to get updated with the happenings in Pilot Protocol.

Note: This excerpt is the fifth article of the series “Explaining the Pilot Protocol”. Read the previous article “How Unipilot is different from its competitors”.


In the last article, we talked about how Unipilot is different from its competitors, in this article we will talk about the potential market size…


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