100,000 $PILOT Liquidity mining program.


Starting from July 20, 2021, right after the $PILOT token launch.
A liquidity mining program will auto-start to increase the liquidity of the project on Uniswap.
To be a part of this liquidity mining program just provide liquidity to ($PILOT/$ETH) pair on Uniswap v3 and hold Liquidity token.
( Your liquidity must be active ).

The rewards:

A total of 100,000 $PILOT will be available over the course of three months, starting from 20 July.
Each month 33,333 $PILOT will be distributed to the liquidity providers up to a monthly APY of 40% in PILOT Pooled.
For the first month, the tokens will be airdropped to your wallet.
However, this will be decentralized later requiring you to provide liquidity through our PILOT protocol, which will maximize your fees earning and earn you a healthy monthly APY.

Let’s take an example:
The total liquidity is eligible for earning the LM Reward is 150,000 $PILOT from July 20 to August 20.
If you provided liquidity of (15,000 $PILOT/ 10 $ETH) in Uniswap v3 on July 20 and hold it for 30 days, you own 10% of the rewards pool that is (3,333 $PILOT) which will be dropped to your address on August 20.

  • A daily snapshot will be taken of all holders. After one month, users will be airdropped $PILOT tokens to their wallets on their average holding.
  • Your liquidity must be active to earn rewards.
  • The reward will be given on the number of $PILOT token pooled.
  • We suggest using a wide range to stay in the active range.
  • Only the 0.3% fee tier is eligible for this program.

Update 1:
After feedback from the community and to minimize impermanent loss, we decided to give 40% APY based on your $PILOT tokens quantity provided on day 1.
View here for more details.

Update 2:
Instead of ending the LM Program in three months, it has been renewed indefinitely.

Update 3:
Voting is going on for the LM rewards.

Update 4:
Following Voting, the decision was to reduce rewards to $50,000 a month.
The dapp will be updated to show the dynamic APY.

With this proposal, Update 1 is no longer applicable, A daily snapshot will be taken of all holders. After one month, users will be airdropped $PILOT tokens to their wallets on their average holding.

Once the protocol is live, the rewards will be given on migrating to Unipilot.

The Liquidity Dapp

For the liquidity providers, we have put together a simple dapp in just two days for their convenience which can be used to view their estimated rewards and all the necessary details about liquidity.

The Liquidity dapp can be accessed here at 8pm UTC July 2021

Next Steps:

Here are some quick links to get updated with the happenings in Pilot Protocol.




Get The Most From Your Liquidity

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Get The Most From Your Liquidity

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